The choice of the word “coaching” did not come without some hesitation. There are numerous professions that use the word coaching, such as life coaches, executive coaches, sports coaches, spiritual coaches, and fitness coaches. Sometimes my work feels more like mentoring, but I believe mentoring should be based on a specific skill or competency. Much of what I do involves teaching skills and competencies, but I do not claim to hold all the knowledge that somebody would need and I often focus on strategies for finding the resource (or teacher) that would have the knowledge.

  • Leadership Coaching – We all take leadership in our lives, both in our personal relationships and in our professional responsibilities. The more we explicitly practice inclusion and transparency in our decision making process the more confidence we have as leaders. I reject the model of leadership that presumes an individual can internally posses leadership traits. Good leadership is a relational activity that must include collaboration and coordination.
  • Community Coaching – Sustainable communities, including a community of coworkers in an organization, share the responsibility of supporting each other. Implementing peer coaching practices can leverage the expertise and experience of everybody in a community rather than rely on just a few (managers, parents, etc.) to provide all of the wisdom, guidance, and knowledge.

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