Web browsers

Firefox, Tor Browser

Web browser privacy addons/extensions

AdBlock Plus, Privacy Badger

Text message replacements (cross-platform, secure)

Signal, Telegram

Team chat, voice, and video conferencing (Slack alternatives)

Element (formerly called Vector and Riot), Discord, KeyBase

Direct file transfer (secure, no cloud)

OnionShare, Datash, SendSecure, JustBeamIt, ToffeeShare

File Transfer (local network only, no cloud),

File Transfer (secure, temporary cloud)

Tresorit Send, WeTransfer, UploadFiles, FileMail,

File sync (no cloud)


Password management (no cloud)

KeePassXC (hint: combine with SyncThing), ProtonPass

Full Cloud
(e.g. google/icloud alternative: email, contacts, calendar, files, etc.)

Disroot, Zoho

Full Cloud (self hosted)

NextCloud, ownCloud

Secure Email


VPN (Virtual Private Network)

ProtonVPN (free & paid), NordVPN (paid & good)

Free Office Suite (Microsoft Office Alternative)

LibreOffice (better MS compatibility), OpenOffice

More free and open source source software

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