My approach to psychotherapy is primarily based on Relational Gestalt Therapy theories and practices. The initial work is focused on increasing our attention to the organic cycle of experience that is happening automatically, all the time, for all of us. In this cycle, we are managing our moment-to-moment experience, including sensory information, memories, hopes, dreams, fears, longings, and much more. As these enter our awareness some energy is generated (e.g. anxiety, excitement, arousal, etc.) and this leads to some action or decision in which we make contact with our environment (other people, our culture, food, drugs, etc.). We reflect on this process and it informs the meaning we make of the next experience. And so it repeats. A graphical representation of this cycle is included below. My description, and the graphic, are simplified representations of my approach, but I wanted to provide at least a summarized explanation of my psychotherapy approach.


Beyond the general cycle of experience, I explore more deeply based on the needs of the person I am working with and guided by the areas in which I have specialized training:

  • Identity, Personality, Self & Field, Organism & Environment
  • Sociocultural Deconstruction and Investigation
  • Intimate Relationships, Love, Sexuality, and Eros
  • Harm Reduction, Responsible Substance Use
  • Dependence, Independence, Interdependence
  • Social Anxiety, Social Belonging

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